Welcome to the RSCDS Cambridge & District Branch

What is Scottish Country Dancing?

Scottish Country Dancing is social dancing that originated in (unsurprisingly) Scotland, enjoyed by all age groups. Do come and join us – no need to bring a partner; in fact, part of the fun of an evening’s dancing is dancing with many different people!

The dances range from those contained in 18th century manuscripts and publications to modern dances that are traditional in style.

About Us

We are the local association of what is now an international movement, known as the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, our main purpose being to enjoy dancing in a traditional style.

The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society was founded in 1923, with the purpose of ensuring the survival of Scottish Country Dancing, an aim which it seems to have achieved so far. There are now Scottish Country Dancing groups all over the world, dancing in the the same way, so that wherever you dance you know that you will be able to join in with the local group.